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Gimme Three Steps - Lynyrd Skynyrd - Gold & Platinum (Vinyl, LP) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Download Gimme Three Steps - Lynyrd Skynyrd - Gold & Platinum (Vinyl, LP)
Label: MCA Records - MCLD 624 • Format: 2x, Vinyl Compilation, LP • Country: UK • Genre: Rock • Style: Classic Rock

Mike's children will also be invited to contribute to their own section and Caroline will have her own "Mad Cow" page. There will of course be forums on every subject. Here's to the future! Wednesday, 7 November 81 comments. It comes from the album of the same name, which you can read all about, and see ordering details, on the Armada Music page! Wednesday, 10 October 25 comments.

They have published Mark Powell's story of the album on their blog. Monday, 8 October 27 comments. Only copies will be available. Pre-order at Universal. The voting period is on for the Tubular Bells Remix contest. For your convenience, we have listed below the entries from the Tubular. Check them out and vote! Oh, and speaking of remixes, remember the Tubular. A video screen will be set up in the Buurkerkhof to show the performance. The performance starts at - full details are available on this poster and in this article in Dutch.

Dank je wel, Reena! Saturday, 18 August 24 comments. The September issue of Mojo Magazine available now includes a 1-page interview with Mike, which contains some more details about the album he's currently working on: "I'm fed up with all these computers and samplers, the next album's going to be hard rock, lots of guitars, real drums, real vocals, Hammond organs.

Judging by the overwhelmingly positive reaction on the forums, we're sure that Mike Oldfield fans the world over will join us in congratulating Mike on his contribution to the Olympic opening ceremony on Friday night!

The UK's Sunday Telegraph published a long interview with Mike, including the news that he is currently working on a new rock album. Some of the same interview material as the Sunday Telegraph interview has also been made available as a video by mikeoldfieldofficial. The Daily Telegraph is carrying an interview with Mike where he reveals how he left the stadium to watch the ceremony on TV. The Associated Press has released an article revealing Mike's hope's for a renewed interest in hand-played instrumental music as a result of his opening ceremony appearance.

Update August 3rd: A new interview appears in the Huffington Post where Mike describes how the project developed including a comment about thinking of performing the Blue Peter theme tune at one point. Mike's opening ceremony piece is available to download as an individual kbps MP3 track in the UK from play.

Meanwhile, speculation about Mike's 'project of a lifetime' has mingled with rumours relating to the Olympic opening ceremony in London this Friday, fuelled by the leaked playlist which includes In Dulci Jubilo and Tubular Bells and mention of the ringing of Europe's largest harmonically tuned bell. While we support the idea of savethesurprise, we'd also hate for fans to miss anything interesting. So we'd just like to say we think it might be a good idea to tune in to the Olympic opening ceremony this Friday July 27thLondon time.

It sounds like it should be interesting. Wednesday, 25 July comments. Universal have announced on their facebook page that they are holding a competition - being judged by Mike himself - for the best remix of Tubular Bells part 1. You can find more details and enter by following their link to the competition site on indabamusic. The closing date for entries is 20th August Thanks Tubular Tos! Wednesday, 25 July 34 comments. Tom Newman advises: "Dear Tim Cross is in hospice and in need of all our prayers.

Thank you all. As Philip mentioned, "Tim was an extraordinary talent on stage when Mike was touring Here is an old interview with Tim. Update: Unfortunately, Tim Cross passed away on July 9th, Gimme Three Steps - Lynyrd Skynyrd - Gold & Platinum (Vinyl. Sunday, 8 July 31 comments. They tell us that what makes Two Sides unique is that every aspect - from the choice and order of tracks, to the cover artwork - has been overseen by Mike himself.

Both are to be released on July 23rd. Friday, 22 June comments. Both will be available as both a standard single CD edition, a 2 CD deluxe edition each including a CD of a live concert performance from the respective tour and a limited edition coloured vinyl LP blue for Platinum, white for QE2. Both albums have been remastered and the releases have been supervised by Mike Oldfield. The release date for both is July 23rd Terry Oldfield's new album, Journey Into Spacewill be available soon at www.

You can already listen to track previews on the page. I have really enjoyed the chance to interact and play with my Brother on this project and wish him great success with this release". Shows will be at the Assembly Rooms venue from August 2nd to August 27th. The duo have performed the work previously using more than 20 instruments: pianos, organs, electric guitars, acoustic and spanish guitars, bass guitar, mandolin, tuned percussion, glockenspiel, drums, loop pedals, synthesizers, and, of course, tubular bells.

In their own words, "the performance is intricately choreographed and rehearsed to present the work true to the original recording with all its multi-layered madness and subtle beauty intact. David Bedford's album Stars End featuring Mike on guitar and bass has been remastered and reissued by Esoteric Recordings.

The piece was recorded in Barking Town Hall for its acoustic properties in and an excerpt of it featured on the collaborations section of Mike's Boxed album. Thanks Vicky Wednesday, 16 May 10 comments. Another day journey around the sun.

Happy 59th birthday, Mike! Monday, 14 May 22 comments. The io9. Mike Oldfield - Songs of Distant Earth But this later album is based on the Arthur C. Clarke book of the same name, and it's even more atmospheric — and much more emotional and multi-layered. You need to listen to this electronic soundscape many times to get all the cosmic stuff that's going on. As MrMilano writes over at Discogs. I only play it on special occasions, such as on an expedition to the Teotihuacan Pyramids outside Mexico City, and this is a CD I always give new friends as a gift.

Tuesday, 1 May 6 comments. Mike has recently made a few comments to speaker supplier Quested after purchasing some studio monitors from them. The comments can be found in the news section of their website. Not many comments to go on and what is said is open to interpretation - is "the project of a lifetime" his work on remastering his back catalogue of work or something new entirely? Thanks to Blue Dolphin for spotting this and letting us know!

Friday, 27 April 45 comments. Just a quick note to remind our audience this is a serious website and we are not into the whole April fool's business. Sunday, 1 April Post a comment! Mike's brother Terry Oldfield has announced on his facebook page that he has a new album titled Journey into Space due for release July The album cover states that the album features Mike Oldfield.

Thanks jjmillenium! Friday, 9 March 50 comments. The new Covering Mike Oldfield's Covers blog is meticulously documenting the making of Mike's most iconic covers. Wednesday, 7 December 22 comments. A prolific composer and musician, David is well known to the Mike Oldfield community for his involvement in a number of Mikes works including orchestrating and arranging the Orchestral Tubular Bells and Orchestral Hergest Ridge.

This news passed to us by Tati and Chris Tuesday, 4 October 34 comments. In the late '60s Mike recorded a number of tracks with his sister Sally as folk duo The Sallyangie. Track listings and preorder information are available online for instance at amazon. Thanks Vojtech Wednesday, 21 September 11 comments. He also posted a video of him playing it. Thanks for sharing, Michael! Friday, 19 August 20 comments. According to their facebook and twitter posts dating back to NovemberMike has been collaborating with German electronica music duo York on tracks for their forthcoming album.

The comments suggest Mike features on at least one chillout track on the album which is due to be released later in Kudos to Tati for spotting this! Tuesday, 16 August 66 comments. Thanks, Andrew Taylor! Friday, 22 July comments. Universal says they will release the new issues of Incantations on July 25, Signeddeluxe Amazon.

Tracklist of the deluxe edition: Disc 1 1. Guilty 7" Single Version Disc 2 1. Diana Stereo Mix 2. Northumbrian Stereo Mix 3. Piano Improvisation Stereo Mix 4. Hiawatha Stereo Mix 5. William Tell Overture 7. Cuckoo Song 8. Pipe Tune 9. Wrekorder Wrondo Guilty Stereo Mix Diana 5. Northumbrian 5. Piano Improvisation 5. Hiawatha 5. Canon For Two Vibraphones 5. Guilty 5. William Tell Overture Promotional Video, 8. Guilty Promotional Video, Wednesday, 1 June comments. It is reported that the actress Janet Brown, famous for her impersonations of Margaret Thatcher, died peacefully earlier today 27th May aged Janet worked with Mike in providing her imporsonation of Thatcher for the voiceover in the last section of the album Amarok.

Thanks to Andrew and Robert for the alerts Friday, 27 May 5 comments. Mike is 58 today, happy birthday! A number of forum members at Tubular. Details of their work and a link to download the albums can be found at thetubularnetgroup. Sunday, 15 May 20 comments. We've updated the tubular. Mike also has the opportunity to tweak them as much as he wants until he is fully satisfied with them. Please be patient and respect Mike's time, your remixed comment will eventually be published. We are very excited about this innovative new feature, we call it comment::RemiX.

We're going to turn it on next week. Thursday, 31 March 14 comments. Just received from Virgin's PR Department Downright idyllic. Just horrible! Not a hurricane nor earthquake, but a plane-load of irritated fans, who two years later still fuming over Tubular Bells the Ultimate Edition, descended upon the sleepy island like a Klingon Bird of Prey. But why? Back up two years.

In JuneTubular Bells, a record that launched the career of young Mike Oldfield as a musician and Richard Branson as an entrepreneur today the Virgin Group boasts companieswas released as box set called Tubular Bells Ultimate Edition. There was a limited version of the Ultimate Edition comprising copies, which included a certificate signed by Oldfield. The limited version was available by special order through an online store for an increased price.

So far, so good. Except there was a mix-up with the distributors, which resulted in several copies going to the Amazon. To complicate matters, the vinyl records themselves looked to be on the losing side of a game of Frisbee. Many fans were upset—they had paid extra to have a signed certificate. Other fans were quite happy, i. At no time was Oldfield ever implicated in the mix-up—according to all sources he had promptly signed and returned the certificates as specified. They seem to have no idea that the Virgin Group no longer has any association with Mike Oldfield.

In fact, I blame him for the plummeting of Virgin stock nearly a year and a half ago—our Group has always done well in any global recession, so that [the recession] was just not to blame.

It was that Mike Oldfield. Tubular Belle emerged from retirement to spirit a fleet of invading fans to tell Oldfield how they felt. Not all of them. Another one was disappointed not to get a vinyl. Oldfield declined further comment, except to say that he wishes he were still with Virgin so he could leave them all over again.

He then seemed to tap a message in Morse Code on a piece of driftwood. Thanks to Jeff for granting permission to include. Thursday, 31 March 16 comments. According to co-organiser Andrew Kerr interviewed in the Somerset GuardianMike Oldfield is part of this years line up on the "Spirit of " stage on Saturday 25th June at this years Glastonbury Festival.

Update April 1st : The word from Mike, via Universal, is that he won't be appearing. Thursday, 31 March comments. They play more than 20 instruments: pianos, organs, electric guitars, acoustic and spanish guitars, bass guitar, mandolin, tuned percussion, glockenspiel, drums, loop pedals, synthesizers, and, of course, tubular bells. Thanks, Spinne. Tuesday, 15 February comments. Further details can be found on Esoterics website Thanks Vicky Powell and manintherain.

Tuesday, 16 November 13 comments. Merci, Serge Bouvet Tuesday, 20 July 20 comments. You can watch the TV ad and order at Amazon. Thanks, Chris Simmons. Friday, 2 July 22 comments. Mike Oldfield recorded Tubular Bells there in Thanks to HuanCry for pointing us to the original story in The Independent.

Sunday, 6 June 5 comments. Scottish percussionist and composer Morris Pert has died, aged He was also part of Mike's touring band on the and tours. He passed away on April 27th The limited edition versions of Hergest Ridge and Ommadawn are now available to pre-order from a new Mike Oldfield official store. Both include a 3 disc Deluxe Edition, an LP and a signed and numbered framed print of the album artwork. Each set is limited to copies. Update - April 30th : Some people have noticed the limited editions appearing for sale elsewhere, but we can confirm that the only place to buy these will be on mikeoldfieldofficial.

There will be no unsigned limited editions available. Each limited edition set will be personally hand-signed by Mike in the Bahamas - he's been busy signing these and the prints are expected back in the UK soon!

Tuesday, 27 April comments. There will also be limited edition sets of each album, comprising a deluxe edition, an LP and a framed, signed print of the album artwork.

Only copies will be produced of each, which will be sold through mikeoldfieldofficial. In addition to new mixes by Mike Oldfield, the deluxe and download editions will also include demo versions of the albums. The Hergest Ridge Deluxe Edition also includes the original album mix.

Both deluxe editions include a DVD with new 5. Hergest Ridge Deluxe Edition artwork Ommadawn Deluxe Edition artwork Full press release, including track listings, in the next post in the forum topic for this news item.

Monday, 26 April 82 comments. Note: This was an April Fools' day item! In the lead up to the new Hergest Ridge and Ommadawn releases, hergestridge It includes information on the new releases, as well as details of a launch event and a special promotional offer.

We expect a similar site for Ommadawn to follow soon. Thursday, 1 April 33 comments. Ommadawn includes a 'lost version'. They also have a single disc edition of Ommadawn, which includes In Dulci Jubilo, First Excursion, Argiers and Portsmouth, plus there's a single disc edition of Hergest Ridge which currently has no track listing. The release date given for all three is May 24th Hergest Ridge is listed as being the original stereo mix. Update April 17th: Amazon is now showing a release date of June 7th.

One Track a Day begins with Music of the Spheres and includes many interesting insights into both Mike Oldfield's music past and future We have a new dedicated forum for comments and discussion.

Monday, 1 March Post a comment! The piece was premiered in in Spain, details can be found on the Corella Ballet website. A very positive review in Spanish can be found here and a clip of the concert can be viewed on youtube.

Daniel Holdsworth Dan Leonard and Aidan Roberts The Maple Trail return to the Vanguard in Sydney, Australia, on March 13, to perform their two-man version of Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells utilizing acoustic and electric guitars, two pianos, three synthesizers, two drum kits, bass guitar, mandolin, glockenspiel, and of course, tubular bells.

Tuesday, 16 February 37 comments. Members of the Mike Oldfield Forums have known about the tubular. The locations of the meet-ups may move around inworld, but for now we're at Vigdorova ,75, To reach the sky house, use the teleporter near the stones: click on the spinning To join the Tubular. Hope to see you there! Saturday, 6 February 4 comments. We're pleased to say that Music VR has a new home here at tubular. You can download Tres Lunas and Maestro via the links on the front page for now.

They're both completely free to download and use. You can visit the Music VR area on the forum for support. Wednesday, LP) January 14 comments. We've had word from Universal that the new editions of Hergest Ridge and Ommadawn will be out in April. We ought to have more details shortly. For those concerned about the disappearance of mikeoldfield. Saturday, 16 January comments.

Produced by and featuring Mike, this remastered reissue will be released on 25 January. Thanks to Christian Maguhn and Vicky Powell! Monday, 11 January 47 comments. Happy New Year ! Let's not try to predict how will be packaged, and wish we'll ultimately be rewarded. We have started to work on the tubular. This will allow us to easily search, translate, and share any data about Mike. But the best part of the site cannot be modelized: the forums.

Thank you so much for visiting and participating, welcome to the new members and admin, and we always keep a sweet little spot for people who may want to come back say hi. Friday, 1 January 18 comments. Order from VoiceprintAmazon. Thanks, manintherain. Thursday, 5 November 47 comments. The UK's Royal Mail is planning on releasing a Tubular Bells first class stamp as part of a series featuring classic album covers on January 7th The Royal Mail website currently carries no mention of them, but details and pictures are available on the Norvic Philatelics website.

As well as the usual outlets in the UK, you can buy them from the Royal Mail online store Sunday, 11 October 33 comments. Sales in the UK are listed as 2, There are also other mentions of the early days of Virgin and Tubular Bells throughout the magazine.

Thanks, Chris Simmons Tuesday, 22 September 6 comments. Previously available as part of a box set, the "Imagine - New Directions" volume featuring interviews with Mike Oldfield is available for pre-order from voiceprint and Amazon.

Thanks, Yanouch65 Thursday, 13 August 9 comments. The grounds of Mike's former South Gloucestershire home near Bristol are now open to the public aimed at being "a great day out for all the family". The grounds were used as the setting for many of the publicity photos for Music of the Spheres. The house itself is not open to visitors. Thanks to Kelvin Davies for the information Wednesday, 29 July 10 comments.

Many thanks, Bob Smith Sunday, 19 July 22 comments. We've been investigating ordering problems reported with signed copies of the Tubular Bells Ultimate Edition.

The main problems appear to be: Items still not despatched, despite credit cards having been charged as far back as mid May. Inadequate packaging leading to damage in transit, despite a premium having been charged for postage and packaging due to the item's value and weight.

Signed copies arriving without signed certificates, possibly linked to Signed copies being sold by Amazon, contradicting the claim that they would only be available through the official website. A general lack of communication from Completely Independent Distribution Ltd, who are running the official online store. We've decided to take this into our own hands, so we'd like to hear from you if you've had any of the problems listed above.

Please send an email to contact tubular. The problem s you've had including, if you've not received your copy yet, when your credit card was charged. The steps you've taken to report the problem and details of communication you've had about it. Your details may be shared with Completely Independent Distribution Ltd and Universal Music Group as part of an effort to get these problems solved. General details of the case may be shared with the press, but your individual details name, order number, email address will remain private unless we ask your permission.

Update June 30th: We're now in communication with Completely Independent Distribution and Bravado in an effort to resolve the reported problems Update July 6th: People who have reported damaged copies should all have been offered a replacement. People who have reported problems with late delivery should also have been contacted. If you're having problems, please contact customerservices bandstores.

Thursday, 25 June comments. Check it out at BBC Radio 1. Sunday, 14 June 21 comments. Second prize is a deluxe edition, t-shirt and a print, and there are also 15 Mike Oldfield Collection CDs to be won. More details on their website. Saturday, 6 June 20 comments. There will also be bell ringing workshops, competitions and more! Update 29th May : Download the press release Monday, 25 May comments. A new online store has been launched, where you can order the limited edition version of the upcoming Tubular Bells Ultimate Edition, signed by Mike Oldfield.

Friday, 15 May comments. Universal has updated mikeoldfield. Tuesday, 28 April 55 comments. Muchas gracias, mikeoldfieldblog.

The site includes some pictures and an area for uploading reminiscences related to tubular bells. It does not yet include anywhere for ordering the upcoming Tubular Bells Ultimate Edition. Tuesday, 21 April 98 comments. Universal has released details of the new versions of Tubular Bells due for release on June 8th on the Mercury label.

It will be available in four different physical versions and two different digital download versions, including: A 2 CD compilationwith a new stereo remix of Tubular Bells, plus a hits collection, aimed at introducing new listeners to Mike's music.

A vinyl release of the original mix. An ultimate editionincluding the new stereo remix, Mike Oldfield's Single, the original mix, the vinyl edition, the 5. If that wasn't already enough, the ultimate edition will also include a 60 page hardback book, plectrums, a poster, a facsimile of the Manor Studios brochure, a facsimile concert ticket, a postcard and recording information. This will be a limited edition ofeach one signed and numbered by Mike Oldfield, available from mikeoldfield. Wednesday, 15 April comments.

The asking price is a cool 3. Thanks, Gill Aberdein Thursday, 26 March 60 comments. A full press release will be made on April 1stbut as revealed exclusively to tubular. Not content to just release a repackaged version of the existing Tubular Bells CD, they've been digging deep into the archives and, with the help of Mike himself, are working on some very special things.

They're making sure there will be something for everyone, from newcomers to Mike's music to the most hardcore of fans. Release is scheduled for June 8th and Mercury is intent on making this the summer of the bell! Update April 10th: We expect the press release to be available next week. Thursday, 19 March comments. You can vote here.

Thanks, hairy old hippy. Wednesday, 11 March 70 comments. Better late than never, we wish you all the best for !

It might be the year where some learn to consume more reasonably - not speaking of Mike Oldfield's music Many thanks again for all the contributions: photos of instrumentsticketsand of course the forums. One could point out that several topics are quite Oldfieldesque, quoting other topics and being repetitive in a non boring way.

Of course, thanks to Mike for Music of the Spheres and to Universal for inviting us to the premiere in Bilbao.

A big technical project for tubular. The other advantage would be to allow the database to be called from something else than the tubular.

Wednesday, 7 January 8 comments. Click here for further information. Thanks, Jonathan! Thursday, 1 January 35 comments. The documentary explores the life and decline of progressive music, the bands involved, and their musical style. Monday, 29 December 80 comments.

Greetings, again! If you've been thinking of trying out SL, this might be a great opportunity. You will already have fast friends and someplace to go. If you get inworld and need help, look for Morrighan Heron or Zanny Wirefly. It would be a good thing to spend some time on Orientation Island and Help Island, first. To find the Subterranea, click on Search middle of your screen, bottom. Key in Subterranea in the search box.

Make sure you have checkmarked the "mature content" box even libraries are "mature content"--don't ask me why. Click on Subterranea, then there will be another screen, which will have a teleport option. Click on teleport, and away you'll go! Sunday, 7 December 8 comments. Finnish multi-instrumentalist and composer Pekka Pohjola has passed away on November Pekka played bass with Mike during the tour and is credited on Exposed.

With November 24th fast approaching, curiosity about the new Music of the Spheres 2 CD edition has been growing. Thanks to those nice people at Universal, we can now put an end to the speculation! The set is packaged in a specially designed digipak, with spaces for the two CDs plus the booklet. Behind the two CDs is an enlarged version of the Music of the Spheres cover design.

The booklet design is little changed from that the single CD edition, aside from some extra pages of credits for the live recording. We have a picture of the boxed set here. The sound quality of the live CD is a definite improvement over the iTunes edition: full and warm, with much greater presence and detail. Fans of the studio album who haven't heard the live recording yet will definitely find it an interesting listen, those of you who have the iTunes edition already will appreciate the better sound quality of the CD and everyone should be able to appreciate the stylish packaging of this limited edition set!

It would of course make the perfect gift for anyone who's a fan of Mike, Lang Lang, Hayley Westenra or Karl Jenkins, but why wait for Santa to bring it when you can order your own copy at Amazon.

Thursday, 23 October 21 comments. A 2 CD limited edition of Music of the Spheres will be released on November 24, containing the studio version and the live version recorded at the Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao. Preorder it at Amazon. Update, Oct view a high resolution version of the album artwork, courtesy of Universal, here. We're told it will be released in special packaging, making it perfect as a gift. Additionally, Music Week has reported that Music of the Spheres has been the 2nd biggest selling classical album this year; with Christmas just around the corner and a tasty stocking filler like this on the market, it can only be set to climb higher!

Grazie mile, mikeoldfield. Thursday, 2 October 34 comments. Thanks, Molly! Update: now available on international iTunes stores as well. Update Oct 9: out in the shops on Oct Molly also informs us that the Amazon TV show is pretty popular with an audience of 3 million people a week. Monday, 15 September comments. Monday, 1 September 31 comments. It starts on september Via mikeoldfieldblog. Thursday, 21 August 63 comments. Moonlight Shadow appears the in track Jukebox and is sung by a female voice.

Order at Amazon. Merchi, Olier! Saturday, 19 July 14 comments. You can find the venue using the search feature once you're in SL search "subterranea" ; or, ask Moog McMahon for a teleport.

The last Mike Oldfield Night was very well attended! Friday, 27 June 6 comments. The CD contains audio-only versions of all the tracks on the DVD, with the exception of the 'Art in Heaven' track, which isn't included. Some sources claim that the tracks on the CD will be in 5.

The release is set for June 30th and you can pre order it from Amazon. Dank je wel, Burning Fish. Wednesday, 18 June 24 comments. You can buy it at Amazon. Thanks, Jordi. Wednesday, 4 June 6 comments. BBC broadcast journalist Daniel Garrett has informed us that BBC Radio Wiltshire has posted a 9 minute audio interview of Mike about his early success with Tubular Bells and the pressure from Richard Branson, inspiration, Music of the Spheresspirituality, working with other people and then alone putting parts together, and lastly about taking a few years of rest and perhaps retiring.

Thursday, LP) May 19 comments. While we're sure that all of Mike's fans will remember what's special about today, we want to keep in mind how Mike likes to use this site to remember what's going on in his life. So LP), in case you're wondering what that big cake is for: it's your birthday today!

Many happy returns, Mike! Wednesday, 14 May 32 comments. Episode 17 tells the story of Ommadawn. Buy it at Amazon. In its Gimme Three Steps - Lynyrd Skynyrd - Gold & Platinum (Vinyl, The Guardian says that "the series ends with a century of music flashing before our eyes to the soundtrack of Mike Oldfield's Ommadawn".

Thursday, 8 May 4 comments. Thank you, Chris Hopkins and Bruce Bell, for the update! Thursday, 17 April 10 comments. April Fool's Special We're thrilled to announce that Universal has confirmed the release of Music of the Cubes on April 16 as an electronic download and a physical USB flash drive designed by Hans Claesson in the shape of a cube, sold for a limited time exclusively on Tubular.

Mike said that "Music of the Cubes is like the Spheres single to the power 3, it's how Music of the Spheres initially took shape, before Karl [Jenkins] smoothed down the rough edges". We'll randomly sell copies of the USB drive containing an exclusive wallpaper signed and numbered by Hans Claesson, each slightly different. Mike also said he might "do a rock version, something between Cubes and Spheres, before some fool who doesn't understand the deep deep meaning of the spheres ruins it" and would love to make "a round of concerts in a few famous squares in Europe".

Tuesday, 1 April 34 comments. Schanberg, and of course through Joffe's film, which featured Mike Oldfield's first and only feature film soundtrack. Sunday, 30 March 2 comments. It also entered the general album chart at a very respectable number 9. Update March the album entered the Spanish charts at number 7.

Wednesday, 19 March 19 comments. Episode 17 will be of particular interest to fans of Mike Oldfield, as it contains the well known 'making of Ommadawn' feature. Dank je wel, Blue Dolphin Wednesday, 19 March 5 comments. The science fiction writer and technological visionary Arthur C. Clarke has died at his home in Sri Lanka, aged The influence of his legendary novels and short stories can be seen in many of Mike Oldfield's works, not least 's The Songs of Distant Earthinspired by Clarke's novel of the same name.

His death comes as a sad loss to the worlds of literature, science and technology, but his legacy will live on through his work for many years to come. Tuesday, 18 March 17 comments. After a long wait, Music of the Spheres finally hits shops across Europe today.

If it's not in a store near you, you can order it on amazon. The iTunes version, including the Live at Bilbao recording is also available on all European iTunes stores right now! We wish the best of success to Mike and to our friends at Universal Classics and Jazz.

Sunday, 16 March comments. Universal is set to release a special download package of Music of the Spheres on iTunes on March 18th. The release includes the studio recording, modified artworka video interview with Mike Oldfield and Karl Jenkins, the live recording of the premiere concert in Bilbao and a PDF booklet. Wednesday, 12 March 84 comments. Saturday, 8 March 8 comments. We'd like to say a big thank you to all the fans who were involved with the Music of the Spheres premiere event in Bilbao last night.

It was brilliant how everyone - both from this site and from all the other fan groups involved - came together to make the whole thing possible.

Thanks of course also have to go to everyone who's made this possible by simply supporting this site and making it one which gets taken seriously! It was really fun to spend time with the 'Tubular Ten' and with new and old friends from all the other sites and we look forward to doing it again in the future!

Saturday, 8 March 60 comments. Update March 6: eitb has posted an exclusive interview. Tuesday, 4 March 26 comments. Friday, 29 February 27 comments. The launch of Music of the Spheres has been a hot topic amongst fans for the past few months and it's about to get even hotter, as we offer our visitors the chance to win one of a handful of tickets to the premiere performance in Bilbao, Spain, on March 7th.

Wednesday, 27 February 84 comments. One of Mike's initial demo recordings for Music of the Spheres will be released next week, on March 3rd, as a download-only 'digital single'. The news item on mikeoldfield. Update March 1 - You can hear a one minute preview of the track at 7digital.

Update March 4 - You can buy on 7digitaliTunesmsnnapstertiscali. Tuesday, 26 February 97 comments. We're thrilled to announce that Mike will be performing music from Music Of The Spheres live as part of a launch event at the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao on March 7th He will be accompanied by the Euskaudiko Orkestra. It seems that this is essentially a private launch event for the press, but Universal tell us that they're currently looking at ways to offer opportunities for fans to attend the concert - keep watching this space!

Wednesday, 23 January comments. It's just been announced on mikeoldfield. Mike says "We're so happy, it's the most wonderful thing to have Eugene in the world. It's been an unusual time recently, as we are staying at our holiday home in Spain, so this is just fantastic. We're going to be busy over the next few weeks and months! Thanks, Neil Ince Monday, 21 January 38 comments. The release date for the album has been confirmed as March 17th.

Keep watching this space for more exciting news! A CD of the performance should be released on Brilliant Classics. Update Jan www.

Saturday, 5 January 2 comments. As every year, we'd like to reiterate our thanks to the Tubular. The instruments that created Mike Oldfield's trademark sounds are now in the hands of happy fans.

We have also started to add scans of tickets in the Tours page. We may try to organize the instruments list a bit better in and to introduce a better FAQ system which would be more dynamic, allowing us for example to easily share the questions we answer via email from the visitors who prefer to ask us directly rather than using the forums. It could also allow moderated comments.

We may also update the look and feel of the site, trying to modernize it by using some color gradients while keeping it compact, clear and usable. Monday, 31 December 15 comments. Tuesday, 18 December 6 comments. Thursday, 6 December 17 comments. Some of Mike's equipment is being sold on eBay: amps, cases, racks, pedals, effects, mixers, and more This piano is accompanied by a letter of provenance stating it was used by Mike Oldfield on his recordings from to As some of you have already noticed, amazon.

Having spoken with Universal UK, it seems this is not a definite release date, and plans are still being made for the launch of the album next year.

It is likely that the release will be in March, but it may be yet later than the revised release date given by those two online stores. Definite details should be made available early next year. Friday, 16 November 42 comments. Sunday, 11 November 16 comments. Can rock learn anything from classical music? Click here to read what Mike, along with Tim Hodgkinson, replies to Philip Clark of Gramophone magazine on the subject. Thanks to Tati and mikeoldfield.

Thanks, Kenji Hayata. Monday, 29 October 5 comments. The Sunday Times has published an article in which Mike Oldfield is interviewed about the Gloucestershire property he is selling. Thanks, Ratty. This is London has an article where Mike explains he feels he lost his freedom Gimme Three Steps - Lynyrd Skynyrd - Gold & Platinum (Vinyl of the smoking ban and the health-and-safety culture. Sunday, 21 October 98 comments. Thanks, www. Monday, 8 October 3 comments. We've had confirmation from Universal UK that the release date for Music of the Spheres has been moved back to late January.

This is due to Mike being unavailable to promote the album for personal reasons. Thursday, 27 September comments. Thanks, oldfield. Tuesday, 25 September 42 comments. Thanks, ProjectZ Tuesday, 18 September 18 comments. Universal will be presenting the album at the Yellow Lounge event, associated with the trade fair Popkomm, at the Tape club in Berlin on September 18th.

The event starts at 9pm, entry is 5 euros and it appears to be open to the public though please check this for yourselves before travelling. The album will be played by a DJ; Mike Oldfield will not be appearing. He hinted that he may consider doing more classical albums. Monday, 3 September 8 comments.

From the Music of the Spheres page at Amazon. This sound is unique to each living or non living thing and in itself creates a music that no-one can hear.

I believe that this has a very powerful resonance with, and a deep effect, on our lives. What would happen if we took this further and apply this to bigger thingsmore powerful things ; like an entire solar system or galaxy say, what would that sound like? Musica Universalis is the ancient theory that every celestial body, the sun, the moon and the stars has an inner music.

This is a harmonic and mathematical concept derived from the movements of the planets in the solar system. The music created is inaudible to the human ear. Music of the Spheres is my interpretation of this theory. Every planet and every star; even the whole universe has music within it that no-one can hear, this is what it would sound like if it was set free.

This is Music of the Spheres. Mike Oldfield. Thanks, Neil Ince. Friday, 24 August 31 comments. Tuesday, 21 August 6 comments. Monday, 13 August 21 comments. Thanks, David Friday, 10 August 59 comments. Mike Oldfield is a featured artist on the Universal Classics and Jazz website. Mike's page contains a biography, along with notes and artwork from Music of the Spheres. Tuesday, 7 August 36 comments. Another tubular.

Thursday, 2 August 89 comments. We know many of you have been waiting for this! Harbinger - Animus - Silhouette - Shabda - The Tempest - Harbinger reprise - On My Heart - Aurora - Prophecy - On My Heart reprise - Harmonia Mundi - The Other Side - Empyrean - The album was released in September The two-disc set put the tracks in the order of appearance of the original concert. The deluxe edition, released inwas remastered and contained additional performances from the Fabulous Fox Theatre in Atlanta.

The bonus tracks are also available separately on a "Rarities Edition". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Lynyrd Skynyrd. Retrieved 14 August Retrieved March 1, — via robertchristgau. Archived from the original on February 14, Skynyrd's First and Hidden categories: Articles with short description Short description is different from Wikidata Articles with hAudio microformats Album articles lacking alt text for covers All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from July


Los Meninos (Couplet), Iron Butterfly With Pinera* And Rhino* - Metamorphosis (CD, Album), The Soundkeepers Fortress - André Bush - Invisable City (CD, Album), Give My Life - Army Of Lovers - Best Of (CD), Já Na To Moc Nejsem - František Nedvěd - Neváhej A Vejdi (CD, Album), Strings Outro, Almay Eclipse - Suzanne Ciani - Logo Presentation Reels 1985 (Cassette), 2 Much (Phuture World Mix) - Paradise X Featuring Less Stress - 2 Much (CD), Lay Your Head On The Rails (And Come Back) - Big Blood - Operators And Things (CDr, Album), Coffin Dodger - The Break In - Unbowed (CD, Album), Towards A Twilight Kiss - Night In Gales - Towards The Twilight (CD, Album), Fill Bass - Bass Creations - Bass Creations Volume 2 (CD, Album), Wolfgang (41) - Eliminate Hate (Vinyl, LP, Album), Já Na To Moc Nejsem - František Nedvěd - Neváhej A Vejdi (CD, Album)


  1. Gardashakar   Bragore
    Label: MCA Records - MCSP ,MCA Records - MCA • Format: 2x, Vinyl LP, Compilation, Repress • Country: UK • Genre: Rock • Style: Southern Rock, Classic Rock Lynyrd Skynyrd - Gold And Platinum (, Vinyl) | Discogs.
  2. Kagakora   Tosho
    Aug 28,  · View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Gatefold Vinyl release of Gold & Platinum on Discogs. Label: MCA Records - MCA • Format: 2x, Vinyl LP, Compilation, Reissue Gatefold • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Southern Rock, Classic Rock, Arena Rock, Blues Rock Gimme Three Steps Bass – Leon Wilkeson Drums /5(76).
  3. Kagagor   Digor
    Disc: 1 1. Down South Jukin' 2. Saturday Nights Special 3. Gimme Three Steps 4. What's Your Name 5. You Got That Right 6. Gimme Back My Bullets 7. Sweet Home Alabama 8. Free Bird Disc: 2 1. That Smell 2. On The Hunt 3. I Ain't The One 4. Whiskey Rock-A-Roller 5. Simple Man 6. I Know A Little 7. Tuesday's Gone 8. Comin'.
  4. Doura   Faejind
    View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Gatefold Vinyl release of Gold & Platinum on Discogs. Label: MCA Records - • Format: 2x, Vinyl LP, Compilation, Reissue Gatefold • Country: Europe • Genre: Rock • Style: Southern Rock Gimme Three Steps at the track credits Lynyrd Skynyrd Band* - Gold & Platinum Lynyrd 5/5(1).
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    View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Embossed Gatefold, Gloversville Pressing Vinyl release of Gold & Platinum on Discogs. Label: MCA Records - MCA • Format: 2x, Vinyl LP, Compilation Embossed Gatefold, Gloversville Pressing • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Southern Rock, Classic Rock, Blues Rock, Hard Rock/5().
  6. Malami   Faezilkree
    Label: MCA Records - MCA,MCA Records - MCA • Format: 2x, Vinyl LP, Compilation, Club Edition Embossed, Gatefold • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Southern Rock, Classic Rock Lynyrd Skynyrd Band* - Gold & Platinum (, Embossed, Gatefold, Vinyl) | Discogs/5(11).
  7. Akinolar   Makora
    at bar bands, this album will show you, along with serving up several of Lynyrd Skynyrd's best songs: "Saturday Night Special," "What's Your Name," "Tuesday's Gone," and of course "Sweet Home Alabama." Some lesser-known but equally great songs are here as well: "Gimme Three Steps," "Whiskey Rock-a-Roller," and "That Smell."/5().
  8. Makora   Kigazragore
    Gimme Three Steps What's Your Name You Got That Right Gimme Back My Bullets Sweet Home Alabama Free Bird That Smell On The Hunt I Ain't The One Whiskey Rock-A-Roller Simple Man I Know A Little Tuesday's Gone Comin' Home. Lynyrd Skynyrd - Gold And Platinum .

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